Where are we based?


What’s the currency of the prices?

Singapore dollar

Do you accept international orders?

Yes. But there would be additional shipping fee, from here (Singapore) to your country.

How do we pay?

For local orders: atm transfer / iBanking / bank deposite
For international orders: via a Paypal account or Visa/Mastercard through Paypal

What is pre-order?

It’s like reservation, you submit and pay for the item you want even before that certain item is released in the market.

What is registered mail?

Aside from the fact that it’s going to be deliver right to your doorstep, you can also track your items online. Example, know if the postman is already on its way to deliver or if there may happen to be a problem with your package.

When will items arrive?!

About 1-2 weeks after its release date (pre-orders) or after the batch of orders for the month is closed.

Do we accept orders first then payments during meet-up?

No, most specially for pre-orders because we submit the orders WITH payments to our supplier at the same time. No payment, we cannot submit your order.

Is it okay to order then just pay during the meet-up?

Can, but this is only applicable for in-stock items.

When and where do you usually do meet-ups?

Around Orchard area or City Hall MRT. During weekends only.

What does OOS mean?

Out of stock

How come you don’t reply my email?

We do reply, but please give us time. If after 2 days you still haven’t received a reply, kindly resend it.

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